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Sarah P & Loki canicross Spring 2020 run


Sarah Warford started DogRunnin in 2013. Initially, the focus was on providing exercise services to urban dogs. The business evolved to include intro to harness dog sports clinics, couch to 5K coaching, and race & event planning and support. Now, we have chosen to focus on what we love best: helping individual teams become #bettertogether!

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Sarah Warford

Team Canada - World Championships 2015

Canadian National Championships 

2019 (6th Canicross). 

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Sarah W & Eddie Fundy Canicross on Snow

Sarah Peel

Canadian National Champion Women's Canicross - 2019

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Sarah P & loki Spring 2020 flying canicr

Our Dogs 



Affectionately known as "Loki Monster", Loki is a eurohound bred by Daguerre Lapointe in Quebec, Canada. He is sweetheart & a firecracker - an exceptional partner who gives 100% no matter the sport!

D.O.B. June 5, 2019

Sarah P & Chester - Canadian Champs 2019


Chester & Sarah P. teamed up to win the Canadian National Championship in Women's Canicross in 2019. #flyingchester doesn't even begin to cover it! This guy is just amazing & together these two are a dream team on any trail!

D.O.B. May 5, 2011

Sarah P & Nahla Spring 2020


The one who started it all for Sarah P. and the one who continues to keep her grounded. Nahla & Sarah P. share a passion for snow-covered single track and quiet mornings. She is simply the best girl. 


D.O.B. April 24, 2012

Sarah W & Eddie Fundy Canicross on Snow


“Fast Eddie” is Sarah W’s racing partner. A dynamo canicross dog, Eddie is following in her father Chester’s footsteps with the heart of a champion. That’s right, Chester is Eddie’s dad! With a best result 6th place finish at the Canadian National Championships in 2019, Sarah and Eddie are an unassuming duo that command attention on the trail.

D.O.B. August 11, 2015



Affectionately known as "Mama Bear," Asil is a matriarch in the North American racing scene; you’ll find her pups and grand pups on podiums across North America and Europe. Spending her racing career in Finland, Asil’s resume includes a career highlight of winning bronze at the European Championships. Today, you’ll find Asil doing what she does best, mentoring new dogs and helping them be the best they can be.

D.O.B. July 7, 2010

Dogrunnin - Ocean Dash  (124 of 255).jpg


None of this would exist if it wasn’t for the Hipster Pipster. A rescue pup from northern Labrador, the original DogRunnin team members Pip and Sarah W. found each other in 2012. Small in stature, but with more personality than the rest of the canines combined, Pippy is at her best when sharing the trail with the next generation of tiny mushers in the Warford family.

Gotcha Day: July 26, 2012

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