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Group Clinics

Group Clinics are a great way to get started in harness dog sports, learn a new sport, or improve your skills.


If you're just getting started, we will likely refer you to your local ACSCA/CAHDS Affiliated Club first, but if you are in an area without a local MAHDS club, we are happy to help out! A big part of successful entry to harness dog sports is community - and we are more than happy to help you find yours! 


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Introductory Clinics for Beginners

This program introduces you to harness dog sports on the ground & includes 4 total in-person sessions. You can participate at a walk or a run - the choice is yours! This ensures you and your dog have a solid foundation of communication and trust before you move on to other sports which may require additional gear. In your final session, you'll even have an opportunity to participate in your first harness dog sport race!


  • $125/person**

This class meets once every 4-6 weeks for a coaching session with the DogRunnin team and weekly for group runs for a 4 month duration. We will cover the commands and techniques required for recreational or competitive harness dog sports. You and your dog will learn how to start and stop, speed up or slow down. We'll also cover how to safely pass others without engaging, anticipate and avoid distractions, navigate directions and discern how to read your dog’s body language while being active together. Depending on your group’s interests and seasonal trail conditions you may customize your clinics to include specifics in bikejoring, skijoring, scooter or kicksled. 


This class includes individualized training programs as well as ongoing online support and entry into an exclusive online community for course members. This class builds mileage and endurance so is suitable for dogs 10 months of age or older. The final date of this program is an opportunity to put your skills to the test with a time trial race. 



  • Basic monthly training plan ($100 value)

  • 3 x Group Classes ($135 value)

  • 1 x Time trial ($25 value)

  • Membership in MAHDS/MACQ/CAHDS ($25 value)

  • FB group for ongoing support ($25 value)



  • Minimum # of participants: 3*


Technique and Skills Clinics

This option is for clubs and groups looking to develop their technical skills or for those with experience in harness dog sports looking to introduce a new sport discipline to their repertoire.


The DogRunnin coaches will develop a clinic or series of targeted skills sessions to meet the needs of the group. 



  • $25/person per session*

  • Minimum # of participants: 4**

Contact us for more info or to book for your group!


* Clinic pricing does not include mileage or facility fees. Should these apply to your group, they will be discussed in advance. 

**We are happy to accommodate groups of 3 to 8, with an ideal class size of 4 to 6 teams. Pricing is based on a minimum of 4 participants - please contact us for groups of different sizes.