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Hi! I’m Maude and I am the proud mom of 10 dogs.


My love for dogs has always been a constant - for as long as I can remember - my parents were always big dog lovers and it's something they definitely passed on to me.


I discovered canicross about 15 years ago, with my french spaniel, Wilson. It instantaneously became a real passion for me. Being a sporty kid, I learned to love running because of canicross. Then a second french spaniel crossed my path: Stanley. Stanley was a born-leader, a naturally competitive dog. He was crazy about canicross!


At that time, I started to train harder to be able to follow my little dog.


I entered into lots of big races, including two Canadian championships and two world championships in canicross.


With time, I also discovered the many other sports that exist in the world of harness dog sports, such as bikejoring, skijoring, scooter and more recently sledding. My boyfriend Sylvain is a musher and he taught me how to drive a sled with more dogs and now I am hooked! Together, we have 10 dogs now, most of them are eurohounds - dogs specifically designed to pull.


For me, all harness dog sports are fascinating. Training dogs is a real pleasure; it’s an art that I love to learn and especially love to share. I like to bring people to push their limits and always improve their team with their dog. It is with great pleasure that I am joining the DogRunnin team of coaches to continue sharing my passion!

Nomad Colbie Boost Louka sled - FB


Daguerre Lapointe - Équipe de course

Vettel and MAude cani - FB DL.jpg
Maude kicksled - Boost and Vettel maybe
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