Sarah P & Loki Spring 2020 canicross mus



Hello folks! I'm Sarah P.


If you've spent more than 5 minutes with me, you already know I love dogs, trails, food and all things harness dog sports! If you've met me at a race, you will also know that I invariably seek out cake after races - regardless of the result, there is always something from every effort worthy of celebration (and cake is delicious).

Locally, I am a proud ambassador for Nahak Sports and spend a good chunk of my time volunteering with the Maritime Association of Harness Dog Sports and my home club, the Moncton Dog Runners.

My canine crew consists of Nahla, Chester, & Loki. Nahla is my best teacher and the dog who keeps me the most grounded. She always reminds me to stop and smell the flowers and is the definition of gentle. Building up her confidence is one of the highlights of my canine "coaching". Now, she is often the dog who introduces others to the sport - gentle, sweet and certain to make sure you are focused on her and her needs - I always come away from a run with Nahla more grounded and more in touch with my dogs' cues.  

Chester is my dream canicross teammate and in 2019, we became the Canadian National Champions in the women's canicross division! I put a lot of time, energy, training and love into my dogs and our relationship, but almost 2 years later, I'm still shocked we did it - and SO proud of my boy. I've honestly never smiled so hard during a race or loved running so much. 

Loki is my newest teammate. He's a super all-around athlete and a total sweetheart. No matter what sport we do, he loves it with every inch of his being. Together, we excel in bikejor, though canicross and skijor are also high on the list!

It's safe to say canicross is my jam, but I also love bikejoring, skijoring, kicksledding, canitrail and canihiking...Basically anything that lets us be outside adventuring together!

As an athlete, I am committed, hardworking and totally focused on my dogs' happiness and health. No matter what I'm training for, I try to never lose sight of why I got started in these sports.


Without a doubt, my favourite part of coaching is seeing other teams "click". I LOVE being able to help others get the same great feeling from working with their dog(s) as a team that I do.

As a coach, I try to carry these values over, so I can help you succeed without losing sight of your "purpose". Whether it's to build a stronger relationship with your dog(s), to have a fun athletic outlet, to improve your race results or simply to do something together you couldn't do alone, I am here to help you succeed. 

Sarah P & Nahla Spring 2020