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I started DogRunnin almost 7 years ago. My goal is to make harness dog sports and being active with dogs accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Primarily a trail runner, canicross is my first love, but I love mountain biking and cross country skiing, so dabble seasonally in bikejoring, skijoring, and kicksledding as well. I’ve had the privilege of representing Canada at World Championships in 2015, with a best result nationally in 2019 coming in 6th at our national championship in canicross.

My dogs are Pippy, Eddie & Asil. Pip is my skijoring partner. Eddie & I race canicross together. Asil is my coaching partner.

Locally, I’m a leader with my home club, Club DogRunnin. I serve on the board of the Maritime Association of Harness Dog Sports in an advisory role as I am also the president of Canada’s national governing body for dryland and snow harness dog sports (mushing/sled dog sports), the Canadian Association of Harness Dog Sports. I love investing in recreation, so I’m also on the board for Mountain Bike Halifax. I’m also an ambassador for team Nahak Sports!

I’m just wrapping up a year of parental leave. When I’m not running after dogs, I’m running after my two kids. My greatest pleasure is experiencing the joy of our entire family experiencing our shared time on the trails together.


After a year of taking a step back, I’m excited to get back into the routine of mentoring athletes and developing opportunities for everyone from recreational to professional to participate in these incredible sports wherever they may be! 

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