Hi! My name is Steph. I’m 21 years old and I live in Quebec City. 


I started practicing harness dog sports in 2015 with my first dog Kenaï. At first, I thought I was the only weird girl hooking up my dog in front of my fat bike with a sled dog harness on, asking her to “help” me get to the top of hills. Then I discovered La Belle Bête, a shop in Quebec where they sell all kinds of equipment for harness dog sports. They told me there were clubs, federations and races all around the province. I entered my first race in June 2016, and have been in love with the sports ever since. As a school project in the fall for my last year in high school, I was doing some research on how to improve a dog’s physical condition and I interviewed Maude Lapointe, one of the top canicross athletes in Quebec. Long story short, almost five years later, Maude has become a close friend and I’ve been working at La Belle Bête as an expert in harness fitting and nutrition for the last three years. 


I began racing in bikejoring when I was 16 and I evolved really fast in the sport. Maude and her boyfriend Sylvain loaned me a really good partner, the sweet June, to compete and train with. Together, we even won some bikejoring races (men and women combined)! We competed at the dryland world championships together in 2017 in Poland and we finished fifth in the Junior Bikejoring category. 


Over the years, I’ve added a few more dogs to the family and have gained experience in many different variations of harness dog sports. Today, I specialize in scooter, bikejoring, kicksledding and 4-dog sledding. I have my own team of canine athletes, who are also precious companions for all of my most exciting adventures and amazing partners in our everyday life. For a while, I’ve been a reference for my friends and people around me when they come across an obstacle in their training with their canine teammate, so I began giving lessons and introductions to harness dog sports in my area. What I like the most is seeing stars lighting up in the eyes of the teams I help and I’m always amazed how quickly they become hooked on harness dog sports! I think the confidence you gain from participating in harness dog sports makes you more adventurous and more willing to try new things. For a lot of people (me included!), this means you might start with one sport, but then want to try everything else too! 


My team is composed of two mixed breed dogs who look like huskies - Kenaï (who has crazy physical capacities) and Molly - and 4 eurohounds: Jazz, her sister Végas, Astro (who’s from Maude’s breeding program and also Loki’s full brother (Sarah P.)!, and Onyx.



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